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What is Search engine Optimization SEO

Written By Skr Jony on Wednesday, February 12, 2014 | 5:43 PM

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Search Engine Optimization SEO

Search engine optimization (Seo):  if the definition is called in Bengali, Seo is the policy / technique by which different types of a website in search engines (Google, msn, yahoo etc) amounts of visitors / traffic can get. In fact, Seo through the first pages of search engines fail to bring any website, Visitor probability is increased greatly. If we want to download a song, then what we usually do is search on Google, we do not write the lyrics line. Please note that we are now the Google search button press shows the name of the website where we can get the song. As per page 10 of Google show Website name. Now you may think why came on the first page of the site, and indeed the rest of the sites were the back page - Google is like the desire or there's another reason? Surely there is something special in first pages sites, which have sites else. This is nothing special Seo's strategy, which you can take your website on the first page. Visitors mean more than the first page. On Seo those new to the Google Webmaster Guideline follow.
Why search by a visitor: Searching answer any questions they have or they solve any problems that they meet their needs or wants searching. If your site allows you to answer their questions, give them the necessary information they can solve the problem or you do not have to worry anymore.


  1. Which Seo is better, off page seo or on page seo. Please inform me I am waiting to your answer.