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What is Odesk?

Written By Skr Jony on Wednesday, February 12, 2014 | 5:46 PM


Odesk meaning
Odesk site's most popular and reliable. Here Provider is paid for every hour or fixed work. For full Project clients or for a specified period (for a few weeks or months) may be appointed. The time of registration, the price you will pay per hour. The hours of work you have done will give you just that much amount of money clients. To determine the time you spend working for you right now to turn the software. This software and other data screen shoot client periodically send to your desktop. As a result, clients can easily determine whether the time you are able to work. However, like the other sites are too many jobs where pay is fixed for the entire project. For the purpose of this site is to provide 10% of money as commission. Since most working hours so other sites are provided as a lot more money than he can earn from this site. A little less than a month early, but later he can earn $500/1000.


  1. I think this article is very helpful. Please upload more article about Odesk.

  2. How can I start Odesk? I heard that Odesk take some important test to check workers ability. Is it true and which subject most easy to passed in odesk test? Please inform me.

    1. It's simple don't worry, Just try to search on google then you find many important information. if you ready to start odesk exam, then select microsoft office and type related subject.